About Me

Just a quick information about myself.

Hi! Hello! Annyeong!

I’m Jofel Tamayo, you read it right as in J-O-F-E-L.

A lot of people having mistake about my name like sometimes one of my teacher in my elementary days put my name on the boys list and I was like oh okay I’m speechless. I like my name even though its different from what I am but it’s just that it has a kind of unique feeling.  Hahaha! Oh well never mind.

23 years old. Young at heart and also baby face. ♥

I’m employed. I’m currently working at BPO company. I can’t mention it ‘coz it’s a bit private (I guess so?).

SINGLE. SINGLE. SINGLE. Of course not double ‘coz I’m petite human being.

I do have crush. Specially Korean groups! Yay!

As of now I’m so addicted to korean boy group named “BTS” especially to the guy named Kim Taehyung (I really love this boy. Srsly he’s the man of my dreams ♥)


• I’m a kind person if you know me well.

• Sometimes I’m a so-called “MALDITA” because most of the time my patience was too low for people who are so annoying so I have to say what I want, you know that. That’s why they call me that.

• They call me “SELFIE QUEEN”. But I think that’s a no no as of now because I enjoy the photos of my babies (BTS) hahahaha!

• Friendly, lovable and also you can call me when in times of trouble or if you’re feeling down.


• listening to kpop songs

• eating

• managing my 2 twitter accounts (1 for my personal and the other one is for my fangirling purposes)

• playing guitar (but for now I don’t have it because I sold my old guitar)

•  lastly, I’m now enjoying doing blogs. I think that’s enough.



• Carbonara (just by doing this blog I’m so hungry)

• Lengua (the one with milk sauce? with mushroom? or the one with cow’s tongue.. oh yum yum!)

• And anything that’s not seafood and veggies that I don’t usually eat.


Favorite Quotation to live by;

“I don’t give a sh*t”

“Life has a meaning so enjoy every single day of it.”

“Music is my happy pill.”

“Follow your heart, I got your back”


That’s all.

Thank you! ✨






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