A day at Pinto Art Museum (February 1, 2017)

At first we don’t know how to get there (pinto art museum) but because of internet and also by searching we found directions. Thank you Google! Cheers! Btw the place was located at Antipolo City.

We’re on Gateway Mall Cubao and we decide to take Grab-a-car and unexpectedly it was raining so we made the right decision on taking the ride.

Okay, now’s the main part.

We finally arrived at the museum with no hassle at all. As far as I remember the entrance fee was 200php.

Here we go…


Pictorial everywhere, as in every part of the museum.


But unfortunately minutes after we arrived the clouds were not on our side because it was raining again. Oh how sad it was! So we can just roam inside the museum but I think that’s a bit okay. Why? Because…

Suprisingly creative artworks at the museum:


And most importantly our own pictorial inside and having fun with it:


It was past lunch time of course we’re so hungry so it was late lunch for us,


After having full meal we decided to go to Antipolo Church.

Thank you to the one who gave us bracelets.

We do have fun at the museum.

Guys try visiting if you have free time with your friends, family or someone you will have fun.

jof 💋


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