Happy 23rd self 🌹

Above 20 below 30, just right there.

Time: 07:08pm Date: April 27, 2017 Thursday

First of all everyone of us know how it feels whether you countdown or not for your birthday as long as you will celebrate it with your family. That’s pure happiness!

I’m on leave for today, usually every year I would send vacation leave for my birthday coz I really don’t like to be in office celebrating my once a year coming of age. It’s like duh, can I just have like a day of stress-free or should I say a break from the real world. I’m not saying that being in office had me so much stress but sometimes it can be like that and for that you should know how to handle it well for you to be in good terms everyday.

Here are some of my selca for today’s 23rd birthday of mine 🎂💐

Keep your self on track. Just chase your dream as you go on with enjoyment and also obstacles in life because that’s fine it will help you to learn more as you push it through.

Stay strong.

Be the girl that they will bow down soon and above all the grown-up lady they will love the most and will treasure the most.

아자! 👍


– jof 💋


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