방탄소년단 (BTS) 💘

This is my first time to do blog. As in serious posting of a nice blog. I’m so inspired to write this because of this kpop group(of boys) named as “BTS 방탄소년단 
It was Dope era when I started to become an “아미” (fan club/name of the kpop group “army”).
Okay okay enough for the intro.

Last July 30 2016 was the “On Stage Epilogue in Manila”, me and my cousin decided to watch this concert. So the ticketing day was opened and voila unfortunately the tickets sold out so fast and we’re one of the unlucky fans who wasn’t able to buy concert tickets and it really breaks our heart like seriously we’re so down that day.

So moving forward this year 2017, BigHit Entertainment announced the dates and locations for the BTS Wings Tour and luckily Manila was one of the asian countries that included in their concert list again.

I’m at the office when I saw the post about their concert here again in Manila and I was like “omg!!! Di ko na to palalampasin!” “Dapat di na kami maubusan ng tix” “Makikita ko na rin sila sa wakas” “Pagdadasal ko to ng bonggang bongga” 😍☺️😁😊😉❤✌️ and that was my monologue and also facial expressions that day when I saw it. See how happy I am. Omyg!

Tweet of BigHit Entertainment
Tweet of Ms. Happee about the seat plan

Ticketing day started on: April 2 2017 at exactly 10am. But before the clock ticks at 10. Me and my cousin prepared our phone and laptop for us to use when we buy tickets online (we do not have credit card cause we’re not RK so we just use Paymaya for this transaction, I’m also worried because there are times that paymaya was down due to some maintenance but luckily its ok for this day)

As the clock turns at 10am the site for SM Tickets was already down due to many users who will also buy tickets for the concert. It was already 30 mins past the clock and we are losing our hope because we cannot proceed because of the site was always saying “Try Again error” or being down but I tried so many times because I don’t want to happen again like last year’s we’re one of the fans who wasn’t able to bought tickets.(Yung tipong pumila pa pinsan ko non ng pagkaaga aga tapos wala) Upon trying and trying (yung tipong maiyak iyak ka na kasi pinaghandaan mo tong araw na to tapos ganyan) but thanks to fast internet of my cousin we bought 2 tickets which is VIP C but its only for Day 1. Masaya na kami dito kesa naman sa wala kaming napala diba? Thanks G!👆사랑해!


The first 2 seats that I saw was too far away from each other but some miracle happen and I got 2 seats perfect for us.

We are now just waiting for the big day which is on May 6 2017. I’m really excited for this event and also it was my very first time to watch with this kind of concert. (Ayy nako kung alam nyo lang kinikilig na ako iniimagine ko palang yung mga makikita ko that day wooooohhhh!!)

See you soon boys!

Watch out for my next blog about the big day! The concert of BTS!!!! Wings Tour in Manila! See you!

안녕! 👋






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